Преимущества недвижимости в Патонге

Преимущества недвижимости в Патонге


Преимущества недвижимости в Патонге

On the island of Phuket in Thailand is a real little capital of clubs, parties and the most fun and crazy holidays. This is Patong Beach, also known as «Little Pattaya». You can buy real estate in patong.

Of course, in addition to the fun and abundance of tourists, restaurants and cafes, this place is known as a promising investment area of Phuket.

About 20 million tourists from all over the world come to Phuket every year. China, Russia, Europe, Malaysia, India, Australia and the USA are not all countries from which people come to Phuket. The paradisiacal climate, nature, the sea and the sights of the island attract travelers all year round. Many people fall in love with Thailand and Phuket so much that they come here every year as to their dacha.

Is it better to rent an apartment in «Little Pattaya» for a vacation or buy an apartment in Patong and get a stable and guaranteed income?

Holiday apartment rentals every year:

You can, of course, change the location like gloves. Choose a small apartment or a luxury penthouse with five bedrooms and ocean views. But not all good options are rented out and they are not always free.
You are already offered an apartment design along with furniture and interior details.
Temporary accommodation is a temporary expense.

Buy an apartment in Patong:

Phuket developers focus on European buyers, so the quality of housing is always at a high level. Real estate prices on the island are not high compared to other coastal countries with developed infrastructure. Investors will also be interested to know that property prices in Phuket are growing by an average of 7-10% per year. When selling real estate, you can get a decent profit. If you rent out your apartment, you can get from 7% to 15% per year. At the same time, tourists do not end up in Patong all year round.
The interior, the furniture, the color of the walls — everything will be up to you. Your apartment, your rules.
The money for the finished apartment must be paid immediately. However, the installment option can be obtained if you buy an apartment in a building under construction. It is cheaper and the financial burden is not so great.
An undoubted plus to buying a condominium in Patong is the opportunity to open your own business. Restaurants, bars, hotels, spas — ready-made business options are sold in Phuket.
Another privilege of the owner of an apartment in Phuket: to relax all year round in one of the elite resorts of Asia and the world.